The Road to Death... and Life

More ink in the gospels is spilled on the last week of Jesus’ earthly life than any other time period. Generally speaking, this week takes up about a third of the gospel accounts. That alone points to how significant that week was… and still is. It’s a week of paradoxes: sorrow and rejoicing; seeming defeat, then victory; death and life. It’s the focal point of the gospel narratives. 

From the time sin entered into the world through Adam and Eve, the events of Passion week were planned by God. Even though it’s not recognized as such by most of humanity throughout history, the events of Easter week are the key events for all human history.

With Passion week upon us, we want to spend some time lingering on these events. As such, our ministry leaders have written short devotionals that follow the events of the week as told by Luke. The devotionals will start on Palm Sunday and conclude with Easter. Our hope is that these readings will lead us to an appreciation and worship of Jesus, the Lamb of God, the King of kings and Lord of lords.

Our prayer is that these devotionals help us to follow these amazing days of Jesus’ life…days that led to death, then life. Come and journey with us.