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Pro-Life Ministry

Join us as we legally and lovingly visit a local abortion clinic for two hours to witness, pray and hand out pro-life alternative literature.

To serve in this ministry, please contact the church office at (949) 951-9678.

Our Beliefs

We believe abortion is a blight on our nation and a horror to this generation.

We believe abortion is not just a political issue, but also a moral and social issue.

We believe that if the church fails to respond to this moral crisis the church will be accountable to God and to history.

We believe that the church should not only speak against, but also actively resist abortion and seek to heal those wounded by it.

We believe that our action should go beyond preaching the Gospel and prayer, as important as these efforts are.

We believe that abortion is now infecting Bible-believing churches as those churches resist speaking out against abortion and refuse to actively participate in pro-life work.

We believe most born-again Christians are opposed to abortion, but have been lulled into thinking the situation will never change.

We believe that being hypersensitive to seekers, in the hope of not offending them with a strong active pro-life ministry, is a serious error.

We believe that many pastors are tempted to be more concerned about attendance than standing up for the pre-born.

We believe that judgment begins in the house of the Lord (I Peter 4:17). We, therefore, hold each other accountable as to our response to this crisis.

We believe that being 'pro-life' is more than being against abortion. It means actively making a difference in our local community, state, nation and the world.

We believe that if most Bible-believing churches would legally oppose their local abortion clinics they would not stay in business.

We believe that when a clinic is performing abortions the churches should have a legal presence on their sidewalk to offer alternatives to the mothers and create an atmosphere that hinders a 'business-as-usual' environment.

Our Actions

As a result of our beliefs, we are actively engaged in the following activities:

We provide post-abortion Bible studies for those who are seeking to be free from the guilt of past behavior.

We support several pro-life ministries that minister to mothers and engage our culture to consider the truth about abortion.

We have a presence at our local abortion clinic several times a month.

We have a presence at our local high school to educate the students about the horrors of abortion.

We have a close working relationship with The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) of Lake Forest, California.

We have opportunities to minister with CBR on the front-line positions or behind the scenes with clerical, computer and support ministries.

We use large, explicit signs, purchased from CBR, to confront those at the clinic and the high school about the evil of abortion.

If you would like more information, please visit the following organizations' websites:

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform

His Nesting Place

Pregnancy Resource Center of San Clemente